GP110 – Twist Seal



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GP110 – Twist Seal
  • It is made of ultraviolet resistant Polycarbonate (PC) body and Polyacetal (POM) inner part.
  • The desired length of wire is sent to the seal as assembled or disassembled.
  • Company name or logo and serial number up to 13 digits can be marked with laser marking.
  • Barcode printing can be done for mobile applications. (Code128, Int 2/5, Code 39 etc.)
  • Solvent-resistant white background is printed on the flag to improve barcode reading quality on transparent body products.
  • Optional flag sizes: GP110: 23mm and GP110-XL: 40mm
  • RoHS durability test, TSE tensile and ultraviolet tests are available.
  • Tensile Strength: 40 Kgf
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C / +120°C
Usage Areas
  • Electric-Gas-Water Meters
    Electric-Gas-Water Meters
  • Textile