Recycled Seals

At Recycled Seals, minimizing our environmental impact by reducing natural...

At Recycled Seals, minimizing our environmental impact by reducing natural resource use and waste generation is among our primary goals. As Gökerplast, we present you our Recycled Seals group, produced from recycled materials, as a result of our work within the scope of the sustainable product project.

Plastics that come out as waste from an industrial process are called 'post-industrial waste or post-industrial waste'. Since these wastes originate from the original production process and are in a pre-contamination state, knowing the material properties and content and controlling the process allow the production of products of the same quality. Our recycle seal group is produced by recycling post-industrial waste. No post-industrial waste is generated in any of Gökerplast's production processes. Post-industrial waste of certain companies is procured and recycled into our production. Our recycled seals range contains a minimum of 30% post-industrial recycled plastic.

Recycled Seals

Our Recycle seal group produced from post-industrial waste;

• Provides energy savings. • Reduces air and water pollution. • Reduces greenhouse gases. • Protects natural resources. • It has the same strength as our standard seals. • It offers a sealing solution that can be brought into the environmental cycle with a lower footprint.

Note: The color and features of Recycle seals may vary from product to product. For a livable and sustainable world; We collect, we separate, we save, we transform!

Note: - “Recycled Seals” is also available on the following products: GP411, GP412, GP413, GP414, GP520, GP565 and GP586. - “Recycle Seal” only available in “Pastel Yellow” - If other colors are requested, the sales team should be contacted.

We want to collect, protect and transform for a more livable and sustainable environment!

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