GP412 Pull-Up Seal with Metal Insert

GP412 Pull-Up Seal with Metal Insert are a type of...
GP412 Pull-Up Seal with Metal Insert are a type of security tool used especially in the handling and transportation sector. This is because the GP412 Pull-Up Seal with Metal Insert is used during the secure transportation of various materials and is configured to prevent any possible opening or tampering attempt. Metal clip strap seals can be used for many different transportation vehicles and materials such as shipping containers, railroad cars, trucks, tankers, airplanes, packages, crates. They are also known to be used for the secure storage of electronic equipment, computers, bank bags, jewelry and other valuables. You can check the product specifications table for further details and areas of use.
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GP412 Pull-Up Seal with Metal Insert
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) body 
  • Stainless steel insert for enhanced security  with ultrasonic welded assembly
  • Company logo and 8 digits consecutive numbering on the flag
  • Fiber Laser, UV-Laser or digital thermal printing options
  • Barcode or QR-Code option for mobile applications (Code128, Int 2/5 , etc.)
  • Optional 3 lengths : GP412-S: 330mm , GP412-L: 430mm , GP412-XL: 510mm
  • Tear-off option for easy hand removal available on item codes GP412-LT and GP412-XLT
  • Optional with/without prongs available only on GP412-S, other models are always with prongs to provide a better strapping grip
  • Optional 20mm longer marking area available for item code GP412-LF
  • Shipped in mats of 10 pieces
  • Pull-apart strength : 40 Kgf
  • Working temperature : -40C / +80C

Packaging :
Box: 25x35x26 cm / 1000pcs , GW: 4,54 kg
Pallet: 103x125x250cm / 117.000 pcs
Box: 24x48x26 cm / 1000pcs , GW: 5,95 kg
Pallet: 100x123x250cm / 90.000 pcs
Box: 25x54x27 cm / 1000pcs , GW: 6,83 kg
Pallet: 103x125x230cm / 72.000 pcs

Usage Areas
  • Banks
  • Cargo and Postal Companies
    Cargo and Postal Companies
  • Customs Administration
    Customs Administration
  • Hospitals
  • Maritime transport
    Maritime transport
  • Rail Freight
    Rail Freight
  • Road Freight
    Road Freight
  • Supermarkets