GP586 – Big Flag Plastic Label Seal

Big Flag Plastic Label Seal are made of Polyproplene (PP)...
Big Flag Plastic Label Seal are made of Polyproplene (PP) material and can be barcode printed for mobile applications. Apart from this privilege of Gökerplast, plastic label seals with large flags are among the security seals generally used to ensure the safety of products. These seals can be used for many purposes in different industries. For example; In the food and pharmaceutical industry, these seals help protect the authenticity of the products, while in the logistics industry, they ensure that the products cannot be opened during transportation. You can also browse the product specifications table for other details and usage areas.
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GP586 – Big Flag Plastic Label Seal
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) body
  • Extra large marking area to attach special labels especially for recycling, courrier and post companies
  • Company logo, serial number, barcode and various markings available with extra large flag
  • Fiber Laser , UV-Laser , pad print or digital thermal transfer marking options 
  • Barcode or QR-Code option for mobile applications (Code128, Int 2/5, Code 39, EAN 13)
  • Shipped in mats of 4 pieces
  • Pull-apart strength : 40 Kgf
  • Working temperature : -20C / +80C
Usage Areas
  • Cargo and Postal Companies
    Cargo and Postal Companies
  • Fire Extinguisher Tubes
    Fire Extinguisher Tubes
  • Hospitals
  • Maritime transport
    Maritime transport
  • Supermarkets