GP640 – Security Label

Safety labels not only make consumers feel that products are...

Safety labels not only make consumers feel that products are safe, they also help manufacturers to make their products safe. To add an appropriate GP640 – Security Label Label to a product, a manufacturer has to test the safety of its products. These tests mean that each product must meet different requirements.
For example, the safety standards required for a toy may be different from those required for an electronic device. Therefore, in order to close the gap here and eliminate this problem; security labels produced with Gökerplast difference are produced from PolyEthylene (PE) single layer paper material and in two models as full transfer and zero transfer.

You can take a look at the product specifications table for other details and usage areas.

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GP640 – Security Label
  • It is made of PolyEthylene (PE) single layer paper material.
  • Two models are available as Full Transfer and Zero Transfer.
  • Stock dimensions: 20x60mm, 20x100mm, 40x150mm
  • Stock color : Red. You can contact the sales unit for different color requests.
  • Company name/logo, barcode and serial number up to 8 digits are printed.
  • Digital marking is the only option.
  • Recommended storage conditions: +20°C / +30°C temperature, 55% relative humidity, shelf life is 1 year.
  • Recommended working conditions: +10°C / +35°C temperature, 55% relative humidity
  • Application areas: Envelopes and packages containing valuable documents, electronic devices, access-controlled doors, emergency exits, energy meters, etc.
Usage Areas
  • Airways Transporting
    Airways Transporting
  • Banks
  • Cargo and Postal Companies
    Cargo and Postal Companies
  • Utility Meters
    Utility Meters