GP130 Butterfly Seal

GP130 Butterfly seal is known as a special type of...
GP130 Butterfly seal is known as a special type of seal used for coin security in ancient times. However, today, the seals we show in the category of meter seals appeal to many different sectors. Among these, the industrial sector comes first. Because they are effective tools for joining pipelines, valves and other industrial components. GP130 Butterfly seals are also used for hermetic sealing. Within the scope of all security seals produced with Gökerplast difference, GP130 Butterfly Seals are also produced from ultraviolet resistant Polycarbonate (PC) body and Polyacetal (POM) inner part. Moreover, company name, company logo or serial number up to 13 digits can be marked with laser marking. On the other hand, the only factor that distinguishes the products included in GP130 Butterfly Seals from other butterfly seals is that the inner part is fixed to the body by hot sealing method. For other details, you can take a look at the product specifications table.
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GP130 Butterfly Seal
  • Made of Polycarbonate (PC) Ultra-Violet resistent body and Polyacethale (POM) colored insert
  • Heat staking technology is used to fix the insert
  • Stainless steel Ø0,66mm , Galvanised Steel Ø0,66mm and PVC coated Steel  Ø0,90mm sealing wire options
  • Requested length of sealing wire can be attached to the Twistseal body
  • Laser marking company name and 8 digits serial number
  • Barcode option for mobile applications (Code128, Int 2/5, etc.)
  • Optional marking areas , GP110 : 23mm and GP110-XL : 40mm
  • Available with a white patch resistent to all solvents for best barcode contrast on transparent body.
  • Complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive 2002/95/EC and its subsequent amendments
  • Shipped in mats of 5 pieces
  • Pull-apart strength : 40 Kgf 
  • Working temperature : -40°C / +130
Usage Areas
  • Customs Administration
    Customs Administration
  • Textile
  • Utility Meters
    Utility Meters