GP434 – ISO Certified High Security Cable Seal



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GP434 – ISO Certified High Security Cable Seal
  • Made of Aluminium (Al) body and heavy duty steel cable
  • 3 different steel cable diameter options; 1,50mm, 2,50mm and 3,50mm
  • Any cable length can be assembled on Cable Seals
  • Stock color is Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Please ask to our sales team for other colors
  • Company logo and 8 digits consecutive numbering
  • GP434-3,50mm is certified “High Security Seal” as per ISO 17712:2013
  • Barcode or Datamatrix option for mobile applications (Code128, Int 2/5 , etc.)
  • Pull-apart strength :  Ø1,50mm: 250 Kgf; Ø2,50mm: 600 Kgf; Ø3,50mm: 1300 Kgf;
  • Working temperature : -40°C / +120°C
Usage Areas
  • Cargo and Postal Companies
    Cargo and Postal Companies
  • Customs Administration
    Customs Administration
  • Maritime transport
    Maritime transport
  • Rail Freight
    Rail Freight
  • Road Freight
    Road Freight