GP540 Pull-up Seal with Plastic Insert

GP540 Pull-up Seal with Plastic Insert are among the seals...
GP540 Pull-up Seal with Plastic Insert are among the seals generally used to secure packaging materials. This type of security seal, which is also shown among belt seals, is available in different sizes and colors. In addition, plastic locking bead seal produced with Gökerplast difference; Since it is generally used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries, its production is made of Polyproplene (PP) and Polyamide (PA) materials with two options. GP540 Pull-up Seal with Plastic Insert The advantages of plastic locking bead seals include additional features such as simple installation, low cost, security and protection. In addition, the fact that this type of seal is colorful and customizable is a great advantage in the branding process. For further details and application areas, please refer to the product specification table.
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GP540 Pull-up Seal with Plastic Insert
  • Made of Polypropylene (PP) or Polyamide (PA) body
  • Acetal (POM) insert fixed with heat staking technic
  • Optional Polyamide (PA) production for improved tensile strength , item code : GP540-N
  • Company logo and 8 digits consecutive numbering on the flag
  • Laser or inkjet printing options
  • Limited barcode option for mobile applications (Int 2/5 or Code 128)
  • Tear-off feature for easy hand removal as standart
  • Shipped in mats of 10 pieces
  • Pull-apart strength  :10 Kgf (PP) , 15 Kgf (PA)
  • Working temperature : -20°C / +80°C for PP , -40°C / +80°C for PA
Usage Areas
  • Airways Transporting
    Airways Transporting
  • Fire Extinguisher Tubes
    Fire Extinguisher Tubes
  • Hospitals
  • Textile