GP422 Container Seal

GP422 Container Seal are a widely used security measure in...
GP422 Container Seal are a widely used security measure in the transportation industry. The main purpose of these seals is to prevent crimes such as theft or smuggling if a container is opened or changed. Although the container seal usually appears as a GP422 Container Seal seal produced from various materials, like all security seals produced with Gökerplast difference, steel nails and plastic coated steel body are used in this type of products. The most commonly used types of this product among high security seals are already plastic and metal seals. Moreover, ISOPAS 17712 certificate is available in Gökerplast products. ISOPAS 17712 certificate is an international standard known as "Requirements for the security of containers in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries". For other details and usage areas, you can take a look at the product specifications table.
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GP422 Container Seal

  • Made of Steel bolt and Plastic covered locking body 
  • ISOPAS 17712 certificate available
  • Wings on the bolt prevent tampering the seal by spinning the body
  • Laser marking company name and 8 digits serial number
  • Same serial number printed on the bolt for enhanced security
  • Barcode option for mobile applications (Code128, Int2/5, etc)
  • Pull-apart strength : 1000 Kgf
  • Working temperature : -40C / +120C
Usage Areas
  • Maritime transport
    Maritime transport
  • Rail Freight
    Rail Freight
  • Road Freight
    Road Freight